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Monday Class

Annual registration $25


Student monthly class fee, one night per week $40


For students who are unable to attend regularly, single class lessons are available for $15 each night.


Younger students (from 13 to 17 years of age) pay a monthly class fee of $30


Saturday Class

Mat Fee

-Registered members- $10

-Non-registered students $15


All fees, Annual registration and class, are due in advance.

Release Forms must be completed and approved prior to going on the mat.


Because we operate as a non-profit under Alameda HS Jujitsu Alumni, we are able to keep are fees low for the benefit of the students. This in our opinion no way effects the quality of instruction.


Optional - fees for Memberships and Promotions


Promotions can be achieved in both Small Circle Jujitsu and in Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu depending on the interest of the student.

Although a student may take the class without receiving promotions (at the student's option), promotions are encouraged to show advancement and knowledge of the martial arts


Annual membership in Small Circle Jujitsu (this is required to receive a Small Circle Jujitsu certificate and be recognized by Small Circle Jujitsu). Fee - $30


There is a fee for each certificate in Small Circle Jujitsu which varies depending on the rank achieved. There is a handout available.


Alameda Small Circle Jujitsu is a member of Alameda HS Jujitsu Alumni which is associated with the Amerian Jujitsu Institute in Hawaii Under the Alameda Judo/Jujitsu Club. The annual fee for the individual mermbership is $25 Kyu ranks & $40 Dan ranks. (Optional)


As with Small Circle Jujitsu, there is a fee for receiving a America Jujitsu Institute certificate which varies depending on the rank achieved.


Judo Gi


Students may obtain a Judo Gi for working out in class by purchasing it on their own or at their option purchase the Gi from the club. We will try to arrange the fairest price that we can. Ask us if you're interested at any time.




Information and questions: please e-mail Professor Eichelberger at: info@alamedajujitsu.org